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Dry Lay System

Dry Lay System

For many years, the main surface finish compatible with the needs of access to the void under a raised access floor, has been carpet tiles.

However, with an ever-increasing design trend towards the use of porcelain and timber flooring, Tier have addressed the need of accessibility with their dry-lay system.

For porcelain, ceramics, and stone we offer a rubber or magnetic backed underlay, which is bonded to the underside of the tile. This is then finished with an ABS edge profile which, when laid, replicates the appearance of a grout line. No adhesive is required and the floor can be laid up to eight times faster than a conventional wet-lay floor. When completed, any individual tile can be lifted for access and then easily re-laid.

Magnetic Porcelain Flooring Collection

This same system can also be used on any perfectly levelled substrate and is the perfect solution for the exhibition industry or for listed buildings where a wet-lay floor would be inappropriate.

The solution for dry laying porcelain flooring on raised metal access floors which allows full future accessibility to the floor void – our process applies a magnetic backing to the underside of the tile and a colour coded ABS
banding to the tile edges which simulates a grout line. The strong magnetic adhesion gives the same performance as a traditional wet laid.

The process can be applied to any rectangular or square tile including porcelain wood effect planks. The system is laid without any adhesive or grout and is thus a clean process reducing installation times by around 80% with the floor immediately usable. A further benefit is the ability to easily replace damaged tiles or to remove the

Although we work closely with a number of premium Italian and Spanish producers, our process can be applied to a vast range of porcelain, marble and other natural stone products allowing the designer or specifier great latitude in selecting a truly bespoke floor for their project.

Completing the system is a rubber backed version suitable for laying on concrete floors. Whilst this variant requires a near-perfect surface such as can be achieved using a free flow Anhydrite screed, it offers the same
benefits as our magnetic version with speed of lay and replaceability making this an attractive solution for numerous applications.

Magnetic Wooden Flooring Collection

The solution for dry laying wooden flooring on raised metal access floors which allows full future accessibility to the floor void – a magnetic backed, high grade engineered birch laminated board with a thick European oak wear layer suitable for commercial use, finished in the UK, and available in 12 popular standard colours or, for a truly bespoke floor, in any one of over 1000 colours and finishes.

Tier’s unique design feature incorporating a rubber gasket between each board, results in an extremely stable floor, resistant to moisture penetration with enhanced acoustic properties, thus allowing easy removal of any part of the floor.

Available formats (width x length x thickness)
180mm x random up to 2200mm x 13mm
140mm x random up to 2200mm x 16mm
180mm x random up to 2200mm x 16mm
220mm x random up to 2200mm x 16mm

Over 1000 bespoke finishes Please call +44 (0)300 124 0987 for more information on our bespoke lines.

Surface Smoking
Colour Matching

Carpet Tile Flooring Collection

The carpet tile flooring solution for superior coverings and for use on raised metal access floors which allows full future accessibility to the floor void – a 100% solution dyed nylon, colour fast, stain resistant and bleach proof, suitable for commercial use, manufactured in the UK, and available in a wide range of popular colours.

Together with a standard thickness tile a laminated acoustic backing is also available which offers a significantly more cushioned feel, and raises the thickness to match the wooden and ceramic options within the Tier Global range.

Our entrance matting range features high grade, high wear, ribbed tiles that set off the entrance to any building.