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External Raised Floor

To meet the increasing demand for floor systems that can run seamlessly from an internal to an external environment, Tier have developed their Tier- Veranda system which offers all the benefits of the Tier-Strata raised access floor panel in a system suitable for external use.

The panels are supported on nylon, waterproof, adjustable pedestals and are positioned to allow surface water to drain onto the substrate. They can be finished with a wide choice of porcelain, stone, granite, marble or concrete surfaces.

Because the whole system is dry-laid, subsequent maintenance, replacement of any damaged material or access to the substrate is very easy to achieve.


It is our VERANDA system that differentiates Tier. Bespoke external floor panels are manufactured with any chosen surface, laminated to a ceramic base. Inbetween this reinforced lamination lies a glass fibre net that maximises load performance. Totally inert, resistant to fire, water, and at 26mm thick can also lend itself to internal applications as well as external A wide range of surface finishes offers the specifier an almost unlimited selection.