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Internal Raised Floor

For clients who require a traditional metal tray raised access floor, Tier can offer a wide range of UK and European produced products, generally using a 600mm x 600mm modular system, usually with chipboard core, with a variety of void depths from 30mm up to a maximum of 1500mm and with tray depths from 30mm to 42mm depending on floor loadings required.

These can be overlaid with carpet tiles or, using our magnetic or rubber backed dry lay system, with a wooden or ceramic surface. All these options allow easy removal to provide access to the floor void.


It is our STRATA system that differentiates Tier. Bespoke floor panels are manufactured with a calcium sulphate substructure (totally fireproof) in a variety of thicknesses to suit floor loadings required, with an optional base steel tray for additional strength and manufactured with a wide range of surface finishes offering the specifier an almost unlimited selection.